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Dead medium: The Tru-Vue stereographic viewer
From: (Paul Di Filippo)
Source(s): The Saturday Evening Post, November 20, 1954,

page 166 (advertisement)

The Tru-Vue was kid's dead media, a Viewmaster rival for

stereography. The ad's black and white illustration shows

a face-mounted (plastic?) viewer. Large square cards

holding dual vertical rows of pictures apparently slotted

down through the viewer from top to bottom, through the

action of a fingertip lever. Ad's copy follows.


"in Tru-Vue... (R)

"3-Dimension and Color

"Yes, you'll want your children to see Snow White. You'll

want to thrill them with the new Walt Disney album with

Snow White, Peter Pan and Pinocchio. They'll plead to

ride with Wild Bill Hickok and Jingles; to laugh at Howdy

Doody; thrill to scores of 3-Dimension adventures.

"Each Tru-Vue film card contains a complete 3-Dimension

story in seven big color pictures. Story titles are

printed right on the film itself.

"For rainy days, shut-in days, any days, get Tru-Vue at

toy counters everywhere.

FILM CARDS.........29c

3 cards or 3-card Album 85c

Tru-Vue Company

Beaverton, Oregon"

Paul Di Filippo